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Product Description

sFLOW (Water Heater Water)

Get fresh hot water when you need it!  The sFLOW allows you the freedom to access your hot water on demand – without the bulky equipment.  Powerful enough to handle demand for the whole house, the sFLOW is super efficient using only 14-18kw of electricity.  

A Fresh Idea

Functionally, the sFLOW performs like the electric tankless heaters currently on the market, but it is the ONLY tankless system that conditions the water as it heats and saves you money!  Fully automated and maintenance free. We are raising the bar with the sFLOW – providing cleaner water on demand!  Now that’s a FRESH Idea!  

The Science: How It Works

The sFLOW, activated by demand, allows water to flow through the quartz far infrared heater until it reaches the set temperature.  The process takes a total of 2.25 seconds!  The sFLOW returns to standby mode when not in use, maximizing savings on energy costs.  

Quick View: Benefits

Lower energy and water bill costs Improve Home Efficiency Improve Water Quality Reduce carbon footprint  

Bottom Line: Savings

Real customers save on average, 40% – 60% on energy and water bills.